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A World In Motion® (AWIM) is a teacher administered, volunteer-assisted program that brings science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education to life for students. AWIM incorporates the laws of physics, motion, flight and electronics into age-appropriate hands-on activities that reinforce classroom STEM curriculum.


The Engineering Design Experience (EDE) is structured to take students through a design experience as they engage in Critical Thinking, Project Management, Communications, Inquiry & Analysis, and Teamwork & Collaboration to solve an engineering design challenge.

Competition Summary

There are two challenges in India for the students, namely, JetToy Challenge and Skimmer Challenge.
The Competition includes designing, fabricating and validating the challenge toy as per specifications. The vehicle would be evaluated for its design, performance, and durability as specified for different parameters as defined in this rulebook. The Teams would also be required to make a presentation on their concept “Dream Car” which would also be evaluated as per parameters laid down. The cumulative scores of all the events would decide the overall ranking of the teams in the event. On the day of the event, the toy vehicles for the competition must be constructed on site, using materials supplied in an official kit only. All the material required will be made available for the student teams by the organizers.

Skimmer Challenge (Grade 5):
Students make paper sailboats that are propelled by fans across the floor. They test the effect of different sail shapes, sizes, and construction methods on the performance of their skimmers. The goal of this challenge is to design a set of skimmers that reliably meet specific performance criteria. Friction, forces, and the effect of surface area are some of the physical phenomena students encounter in this challenge.

JetToy Challenge (Grade 6):
Students make balloon powered toy cars. Their challenge is to design an appealing toy that performs in a specific way, such as travels far, carries weight, or goes fast. Students experiment with different chassis designs and nozzle sizes to determine their effect on the JetToy’s performance. Jet propulsion, friction, and air resistance are the core scientific concepts students explore in this challenge.

AWIM process cycle:

AWIM Structure:

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