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Maruti Suzuki-Altair CAE Tech Day, 7th August, 2010
Virtual simulation is the mechanical astrology for the 20th century. Starting from crash worthiness to passenger seating comfort a multitude of problems are predicted and eliminated even before the prototype is made. The CAE Tech day organized on the 7th of Aug, threw light on latest simulation techniques, which make the unexpected, expected. The Technology Day was inaugurated by Mr. C.V. Raman, Chief General Manager (Engineering), Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Mr Nelson Dias (Managing Director, Altair- Asia Pacific) and Mr Pavan Kumar (Managing Director, Altair - India) were also present at the event. The technical presentations by specialists from Altair Inc, USA and Altair India gave an insight into the latest trends in Virtual Simulation. All the areas of automotive engineering like Safety, Strength, NVH, CFD, MBD etc were covered. The highlight of the event was the presentation of a very interesting case study on ‘CAD to Crash in 24 Hours’. “Got aware of tools/products available to simulate actual vehicle conditions while doing part design” was the reaction of Mr. Aswinder Singh, Manager, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. who was one of the participants of the event.


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