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Automotive Steels, 15th June 2011, Gurgaon
Steel dominates the automotive industry where in spite of umpteen numbers of researches going on, it still remains the undisputed champion. The seminar on Automotive steel was held on the 15th of June’11 at Japanese Hostel, Gurgaon. It witnessed a participation of over 40 participants from OEMs, automotive suppliers and academia. Mr. Prabhat Kumar – Chief Sales Manager, North, Tata Steel marked the beginning of the seminar. After an enlightening session on journey to the future, the audience were transported into the world of Steel manufacturing. Experts from Tata Steel gave a presentation on the steel manufacturing process, the likes of which are only privy to people who are intimated with steel at the deepest level. This accompanied by a short presentation on Early Vendor Involvement of Tata Steel, with global OEMs, was truly an exclusive peek into the world of steel manufacturing. This was followed by a session on Galvannealed Steel and its applications by Mr.Avtar Singh Saini, the Head of Product Application group in Tata Steel, Jamshedpur. The session started with the manufacturing processes of galvannealed steel, and moved on to various feasibility and comparison studies between GI and steel, which was sprinkled with a lot of suggestions on the usage of galvannealed and cold rolled steel. The contents of the seminar were appreciated by all, and ended with a documentary on steel making from Tata Steel, which were a sumptuous feast to the eyes and the intellect.


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