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Advanced Automotive Testing Technology & Solutions 14 Jan 11
The field of automotive durability testing has evolved a lot with the focus shifting from field based testing to more reliable and less time consuming lab based testing. Increasing commercial pressures to develop and deliver reliable products in a timely manner necessitate further accelerating the lab testing procedure. The seminar gave an overview of the sensors for accurate field data measurement and analysis techniques that help in considerably reducing the field data while simulating the same in a controlled environment inside a test lab. The seminar witnessed an overwhelming participation of 59 participants from OEMs and Automotive suppliers. A welcome address by Mr. CV Raman (Co-Chairman Technical Board, SAENIS) marked the beginning of the seminar wherein he emphasised the need of collaborative approach that harmonize the physical testing methodologies with the virtual world. He stressed that accelerated testing is the need of the hour in order to shorten the product development life cycle. Application experts from MTS Systems Corporation, USA delivered sessions on basics of durability testing and the emerging technologies in this field that embrace technologies like vehicle simulation and multi axis simulation table (MAST). Special focus was given on the state of the art turnkey solutions available with MTS for component testing requirements.

The seminar concluded with an insightful session on test rig design considerations by MTS application expert. The contents of the program were well appreciated by the participants who were primarily constituted of experienced people from the field of durability testing.


Organiser : SAENIS & LUK India Private Limited.
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